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A distant lullaby floating, unraveling away in the Victorian night.

A distant lullaby floating, unraveling away in the Victorian night. An independent, solo construction exploring a girl's fragile social position and her desire to escape. Mixed media: live action, stop-motion, miniatures, painting.

From the Prvi kadar jury:
"The film Draught is a rarely inspiring artistic combination of feature, animated and experimental film, which in a highly aestheticized and masterfully stylized manner, in a short form and with the poetics of dramatic minimalism, combines microcosmic conditions with macrocosmic events in the period of the discovery of the New World."

Review in Projected Figures (by Anton Bitel):

Director's bio:
Weston graduated from New York University's hand-drawn animation program and has gone on to expand his construction of imaginary worlds into live action. His earlier short films include Leverage and BoxWorld, a Borgesian labyrinth of boxes containing a world of disreputable characters lurking in dim back alleys and unstable deadends. Precarious, a hand-built fantasy adventure story like one that would be found buried deep inside a snowglobe, was his debut feature film (Oldenburg 2020, more on Precarious here). He lives in Emeryville, California.

Director's statement:
Draught was created as an independent, solo construction. There was no production team. With just the involvement of the actress, I wanted to sculpt an impressionistic character study guided on intuition rather than plot or genre. Inside my loft space, a collage of a partial set, miniatures, animation, and paintings combined to form a dreamlike bubble of a past time not constrained by reality. The aesthetic was designed to be rough around the edges, as if a sketch rather than a finely rendered oil painting. A world of loose ideas and emotions coming together just for this eight minutes before melting away again.

Screenings and awards:
Official selection at the 29th Oldenburg Intl Film Festival
Winner of Best Experimental Film at San Francisco Short Film Festival
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Prvi kadar
Winner of Best Experimental Short Film at Short of the Year
Winner of the Audience Award at the Art Experimental Screenings Film Festival Fresh Stream
Winner of Arthouse Best Director and Arthouse Best Original Concept at JAIFF
Winner of Best Experimental Short at Fic Autor 2023

Official selection at Fantaspoa XIX, Fantàsia Shorts, the Katze Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, Defy Film Festival, the Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head, Phenomena Fest, the Dreamers of Dreams Film Festival, and the 9th Atlantic International Film Festival in Barranquilla, Colombia

[short excerpt] screened at Crominute, the One Minute Film Festival, and was awarded an honorable mention at Mister Vorky in Serbia

Weston Terray (Director, Producer, Camera, Sound, Writer, Editor, Animator, Color and Mix)
Jasmine Yohai (Actress)
Louise Franco (Dresses)
Ben Eshbach (Original Score)

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Weston Terray
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